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About Hensley Homes:

Sean and Kristi Hensley




Located in Berthoud, CO

A Bit About Us

At Hensley Homes, our passion for creating exceptional living spaces is fueled by a shared dedication to luxury and functionality. As a couple with diverse backgrounds and careers, we combine our unique talents to bring your dream home to life. Kristi, with her unique design skills, conceptualizes each project, while Sean, the masterful craftsman, meticulously transforms those visions into reality.

We are committed to constructing spaces that cater to individuals at every stage of life. Whether you're a young professional seeking a cozy haven or a retiree yearning for a manageable lifestyle, we take into account your unique needs. Drawing from our own experience of building a retirement tiny home, we recognize the power of simplification in enhancing the quality of life. This realization inspired us to embark on a new chapter, devoted to building small extraordinary spaces that simplify and elevate everyday living.

Welcome to Hensley Homes, where the harmonious blend of quality, luxury, functionality, and uniqueness converge to shape breathtaking luxury tiny homes. We strive to deliver nothing short of excellence, ensuring that each home we create not only surpasses expectations but also becomes a testament to your personal style and values. Let us embark on this transformative journey together, as we help you embrace a life of refined elegance and unparalleled comfort.

How Did Hensley Homes Start?

May 2015

May 2021

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January 2023

In 2015, our relocation from Kansas to Colorado marked the beginning of Sean's venture into the Colorado construction world. After working in the industry for 30 years in Kansas, he soon found himself  immersed in a multitude of remodel projects.  His innate talent for crafting extraordinary spaces became top notch in the Colorado , and drove the rapid growth of his business.

With a blank cargo trailer in our possession, we embarked on a 45-day renovation journey, driven by the vision of creating the ideal space for hauling the Spyder and our most critical belongings. As we embarked on its maiden voyage, we carefully evaluated the layout of the mechanical room and strategically placed windows, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. It was from this transformative experience that the remarkable "custom condo" emerged, an impeccable solution for hauling the Spyder and accommodating all our beloved essentials.

When an opportunity arose to undertake a family project in Kansas, we embarked on the journey in our trusty cargo conversion. Surprisingly, the 6-week project unfolded with us relishing the experience of residing in the compact 160 square feet of space. Inspired by this newfound contentment, the notion of embracing a tiny lifestyle became tangible.

In our pursuit of creating our dream tiny house, we turned to the experts at Tiny House Basics to secure the perfect foundation—a meticulously crafted trailer. With excitement and anticipation, we placed our order, knowing that this crucial step would lay the groundwork for our future home. Entrusting our vision to Tiny House Basics, we embarked on a partnership that would set the stage for the remarkable tiny house that awaited us.

Armed with the newly delivered trailer and panoramic doors, we returned to Colorado, ready to commence the build and bring our vision to life.

The build process of the tiny home commenced, marking the exciting beginning of transforming our vision into a tangible reality.

Finally, we transitioned into our tiny House, embracing a new chapter of living in a space that perfectly encapsulates our dreams and aspirations.

Fueled by our profound love for our new tiny home, the birth of Hensley Homes emerged as our calling to create and share these exceptional dwellings with others who yearn for the same remarkable experience.

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