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Our Features

Custom Design

Each home is built to meet your unique needs with great attention to detail during the design process to ensure your final product perfectly embodies their vision and desires.

Master Level Craftsmanship

Fine details are what distinguish an average build from an heirloom build. With unwavering attention to detail, each Hensley Home is crafted to perfection, ensuring a remarkable living space that stands the test of time.

Hensley Homes Cargo Conversion Kitchen


Every person has a different definition of beauty and with our homes you have the freedom to customize your home precisely to your desire.  Let your "you" shine!

Unique Storage Ideas

Space is always a concern when it comes to small-space living. Let us assist you in optimizing every single inch, making room for your most cherished possessions within a functional and harmonious environment.

Luxury Materials

There is no need to compromise on luxury just because the space is small. From stunning tile work and luxurious appliances to custom cabinets and meticulously crafted trims  floor to ceiling, we ensure that every detail reflects the beauty and sophistication you desire.

Our Expertise

During Pre-Construction we...

  • listen to understand your dreams, wants, needs

  • problem solve to expand possibilities

  • employ a collaborative design process to get it right

During Construction

  • construct using the expertise of a master builder

  • use quality materials sourced from vendors that allow us to provide unique solutions

  • pay attention to every detail

  • provide progress tracking to keep you in the  loop

After Construction

  • provide a 12 month warranty 

  • provide complete construction documentation

  • cherish a lifetime client

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