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Cargo Conversion Trailer

The Cargo Conversion Trailer: Where it all began.


Hensley Homes started with the dream of a toy hauler that met their needs for travel and storage. From start to finish, they customized it all. Now offering fully customizable options for limited production.

Hensley Homes Cargo Converstion back view
Hensley Homes Cargo Conversion Trailer Bathroom with Copper Sink and Live Edge Vanity
Hensley Homes Cargo Conversion Front View Custom Cabinet and Custom Doors
Hensley Homes Cargo Conversion with Live Mantal, Electric fireplace, TV

The Process

The Cargo Conversion project was ultimately the pursuit of a personalized and cost-effective solution for our toy hauler needs. We leveraged our construction background to convert a cargo trailer into a functional living space, prioritizing essential features like sleeping space, a refreshing shower, and a well-designed kitchen. The trailer highlights our collaborative approach, problem-solving abilities, and the satisfaction of turning our vision into a tangible reality.

The story of building a cargo conversion trailer from scratch, overcoming challenges, and creating a personalized living space has fueled the motivation of Hensley Homes to share our expertise and passion with others. Our dedication, ingenuity, and the rewarding outcome of our project serves as a testament to the potential of cargo conversion trailers and the joy they can bring to individuals seeking unique, functional, and affordable housing solutions.

Hensley Homes Cargo Converstion Hickory Custom Murphy Bed

Let's make your tiny living dream come to life.

Thinking about a tiny home or toy hauler? Hensley Homes has everything you need to take all your favorite parts of living big, and all the best things about living tiny. 

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